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Tsar Saltan 2015

Director: Georgy Lukin

Complete album of photographs of Catherine Piskareva

Complete album of photographs of Arthur Mifedov-Frolov

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Winter evening in the village and three sisters are sitting at the yarn. Senior and middle boast its beauty, and the youngest was silent. For gentleness and modesty sisters consider it silly and forced to work for themselves. They are dreaming than each would become famous if the king married her. The eldest boasts an unprecedented feast average - alone weave cloth for the whole world, and the youngest said that would give birth to Tsar, a brave son. All this is heard lurking under the window Tsar Saltan. He enters the room and announces his decision to live in the palace of the three, the eldest cook, the second - a weaver, and the youngest - Tsareva wife. The king left with his younger sister. They plot to deceive Saltan.

Act I

King went to war, and in the meantime was born Militrisa enters young son. Peacefully flows life in the palace. Only the queen does not rest: it worries that a long time is not a messenger with a letter from Saltan. In vain buffoon trying to entertain her with his tricks; not amuse her no tales old grandfather or feigned kindness sisters, bringing her presents. But there is a cheeky and chatty Messenger. Nimble conspirator had to replace Saltanov letter. People hesitate undecided but give way to threats and sisters rejoice Babarikha - barrel Militrisa gives her prince and lets in the sea.

Published by: Pavel Borisovich Molchanov