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Before registering at our Center, we strongly recommend that you visit any Saturday it is open.


How to find us

Before visiting the Center, please check the calendar to make sure that it is open on that day.

Click on the "Visit Us" link for directions and contact information.

Upon your visit, you will meet with teachers and administration.

We will gladly show you the classes and talk about the events. You will need to meet with the Center's Administrator to discuss all the conditions for your child at the Center.

Upon acceptance, you will complete a registration form and pay the tuition.

Registration at the Center is held on the second Saturday of September (the start of the new academic year). We also gladly accept children during the academic year as well. In this case, financial issues need to be negotiated separately. Depending on the level of proficiency, your child will be put into a particular class. The grade often corresponds to the age of the child, but sometimes the child may enroll in a grade that is a year above or below.

If a child does not speak Russian, he/she will gladly be accepted in RSL. RSL (Russian as a Second Language) teaches the same curriculum as the rest of the program but is geared for children who are either just beginning to study Russian language regardless of their age, or who aren't yet proficient enough to be mainstreamed.

Our school registration fee: $450 per year for the first child; and $250 per year for every other child thereafter. Checks or cash are accepted. Credit cards are not accepted.

The registration fee includes five scheduled classes (9:30-1:30) per week, all lunches, participation in in-school events and the Christmas party, graduation, and diplomas. An application form for registration for the Center can be requested by e-mail.