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Geographical coordinates to the teacher


Geography is the absolute favorite school subject for teachers and our children despite the age and place of residence. We love to discover new corners of the Earth and learn new facts about nature, link historical events with the natural features of the country. Here, far away from our historic homeland, geography gives children an idea of nature, culture and folk customs. It complements the study of history and literature by introducing students to new words, recalling the historical events on the map of the country by the names of towns, rivers, lakes. Geography isn’t studied very much in American schools. It doesn’t exist in the school curriculum as a subject. In Russia, we studied geography as a subject every year from 5th to 10th grade. At Saint Sergius Assembly & Learning Center, we try to fill this gap in the education of our children. Very often the knowledge of geography received at our school can’t be acquired anywhere else. We often use movies and articles from the Internet in addition to textbooks. Geography is becoming more exciting and relevant as a subject. Many students have never been to Russia. After our classes, trips to Russia become much more informative. We also coordinate geography events such as Russia Nationalities, where each class represents a separate nation, its language and culture.


Astronomy has also been incorporated into the study of geography. This gives students a keen interest and pride in Russian scientists and astronauts who made a huge contribution to world science. By: Maxim Victorovich Kudinov