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The Learning Center is open

The students, parents and teachers were very glad to see one another after the long summer vacation. Everyone was glad, smiled at each other, greeted one another. The church was decorated and prepared for this big event. When the church doors opened, everyone rushed inside together.

The children lit candles in front of the altar, everyone waited for the prayer service honoring the school's opening.

Soon the iconostasis' doors opened and Father Gregory, our school's confessor, came out in celebratory vestments. This was a a solemn and spiritual moment. The solemn prayer service began.

By the end of the service, everyone was able to kiss the holy icons at the altar and receive the priest's blessing.

After the prayer service, the students, parents and school teachers gathered in front of the church for a group photograph. The photos turned out really well and we hope to continue this tradition.

After the photos, everyone proceeded to the school building where registration of new students and the beginning of new classes took place.

Published by: Pavel Borisovich Molchanov