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Our learning center has 12 years history. Commencement of the 2018-2019 school year

September 15, 2018

Dear friends!

I am glad to see you, having rested after the summer, ready with renewed energy to begin a new school year.

Here, at our Russian parish school, you’ll receive a real Russian, Orthodox education.Here you’ll get to know Laws given to us by God

Himself, with the Laws of God. Here you’ll study Russian literature, history from our Orthodox perception.

We are glad that we have this space, this small building, where we can meet and teach our children.

Look, how much love and attention was put into the preparation of our classrooms for us! Everything is clean, freshly painted! Respect our school. Keep it as clean as you see it today. With gratitude toward those who prepared this school with love.

Dear children, our students, pay attention to your teachers and to what they are teaching you. Respect your instructors and thank those who help care for you during the school day.

Teachers, find ways how to best interest your students in what you teach, in the knowledge which you have. Figure out how to keep their attention. They don’t have a long attention span if it’s not interesting for them. Teaching children is an art form in and of itself.

Teaching – is a difficult task.

You know and understand this all better than I do. And you manage to do all this well. Your students love you. And let this love be the best reward for your work! Thank you for your invaluable time, which you give us so selflessly and freely!

I wish everyone to work successfully in the upcoming new school year!

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