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Ruslan and Ludmila 2018

Director: Vyacheslav Nikitin

This year, Pushkin's poem “Ruslan and Ludmila” was performed under the capable guidance of our artist-engineer Slava Nikitin, who is well-versed in the modern technology which we have. The perfectly crafted script suited him well. Neither the "green oak", nor the "scientist's cat", the proud and wicked Faina, the wise Finn, the evil, spiteful, envious dwarf Chernomor were forgotten. Artistic backdrops appeared and the action took place in front of them. Young assistants exchanged props behind the stage. The special effects were unexpected and interesting. The battle of Ruslan with the "Head" was well-represented and his recognition, once the former hero of the giant.

Here in beautiful "Gridnitsa", Vladimir Krasnoe Solnyshko marries his beloved daughter, the beautiful Lyudmila, to the finest warrior Ruslan. Offended rivals stand nearby. The entire scene maintains a strict oriental, fairy-tale style. The tender young Ludmila was played by Anastasia Vishnevskaya and Ruslan was played by Maria Sazonova, a student of the senior class. The wonderful five-year-old Vanya Nikitin, as Dwarf Chernomor, dealt wonderfully with his long beard. The fight between Ruslan and Chernomor exceeded all possible expectations. Chernomor flew above the entire audience on a tight wire, and they barely had time to follow his flight. Ruslan, raising his sword and grasping Chernomor’s beard, pushed him away, and Chernomor waved his sword, threatening Ruslan. Our deepest gratitude to Slava Nikitin and all those who diligently helped him!

One can’t ignore the stunning costumes of all the performers. They were indeed beautiful, strictly maintained in the style of the ancient Eastern Slavs. Let's describe them in the words of Pushkin, in the spirit of "the tradition of deep antiquity". Thanks to all those who helped sew them!

The curtain closes, the performance is over. The chairs in the auditorium are pushed aside. A decorated Christmas tree is moved into the middle of the hall. Carols are sung around it and dancing children, holding hands, go with their parents to sing - "In the forest, a fir tree was born. In the forest, she grew ... "and other merry Christmas carols, such as "Well, the Christmas tree is shining brightly with lights! We invited the guests to have fun with us ... "and" White snow is white, I laid down my little ones so that we could play Christmas ". Santa Claus appeared at this time, with a big bag of presents and with his assistant Snow Maiden. No one is forgotten, all the children receive gifts, and a plentiful buffet is prepared for all the guests.

And so our merry Christmas holiday ends.

Published by: Pavel Borisovich Molchanov